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The Milatos Cave is situated 2,5 km outside the village of Milatos on the steep slope of a gorge and has an area of 2100 sq m. The number of stalactites and stalagmites in the Milatos Cave is small, but offer a wonderful picture. The amazing arrangement of the pillars divides the cave into numerous caverns.

The chapel of Saint Thomas in the cave commemorates the catastrophe in the year 1823. 3,600 men, women and children sought refuge in the cave but had to surrender after 15 days and were then either killed or mistreated or even sold to Egypt as slaves by the Turkish occupying troops.


In the surrounding country side of Lassithi there are several caves of archaeological interest, one of which is the Trapeza cave or cave of Cronos (“Kronion cave”, Kronos = Saturn, father of Jupiter), east of the village at a height of 90 metres above the plain, and the other is the Dictaion Andron or cave of Jupiter, the birthplace of Zeus (and here was born the King Minos, the son of Jupiter and Europa) according to Greek Mythology.


The Dictaeon antro is the place (the cave), according to ancient writers (Hommer, Plato, Hesiodus etc ) and the legend-delivery, where:

1) The god Jupiter was born (like the Cave of Bethlehem of Classical antiquity) and nourished (bring up). His mother Rea to prevent father Kronos from eating the young successor to the Olympian Throne hid Zeus in this caves.

2) The Minoan, his son Jupiter and critic of the Hades, came each nine years and it met his father Jupiter, where his which dictated his wise legislation, his wise commands, something as the Moses in term Sjna',

3) Epimenides fell asleep for very a lot of years (somewhere 57). The Cretan Epimenides, the most renowned seer, wonder - worker and poet of ancient Greece, who was also connected with the cult of Orphism, "slept" in this cave for many years and had various divine visions. Epimenides is considered to have been a historical person.

4) The Jupiter (Zeus) met (brought) Europa and he slept with her, after him stolen from the Phoenicia (= ancient country), and born Minos.

The Dictaeon antro is situated on the side of a mountain above the picturesque plateau of Lassithi at a height of 1025 m. west of the village of Psychro. The legendary birthplace of Zeus (Jupiter), this cave can be reached by going to the outskirts of the village of Psichro (48 km. east of Heraklion and 2 km. west of Agios Nicholaos), where, there is a path ascending to it.

Dictaeon Cave is overlooking the Lassithi Plateau; the view from the cave entrance is marvellous.

The cave of Dictaeon andro is not only a famous archaeological site, and among the most important in prehistoric Greece, but also one of the most beautiful and impressive of the 3.400 caves on Crete. One can go from the village to the cave on foot or by mule or donkey, which can be rented from the locals. A steep path leads to a small level area in front of the narrow entrance to the cave.

The descent into the fascinating cave demands some caution. Stalactites of various shapes adorn the lower cave. On the right there is a small "upper chamber'. At the end an irregular enclosure formed a kind of temenos with a roughly paved floor in places. Beside it was a square altar built of fieldstones. The visitor then descends a steep, slippery passage, 60 m. long, to reach an underground pool and various chambers with stalactites and stalagmites. One imposing stalactite has been given the name of the "Mantle of Zeus'.

Archaeologists have uncovered many icons and votive symbols, confirming that the cave was an important place of worship during the Minoan era. In the background of the cave is a small pond, where - according to myth - Zeus bathed and around which most of the offerings were found.


According to ancient writers, Zeus was born and hidden in a cave of mountain Dicti (it called “dictaion antro” = cave of mountain Dicti) by his mother Rea to prevent father Kronos (Saturn) from eating the young successor to the Olympian Throne.

According to Hesiodus (“Theogony” = the gender of Gods), Zeus parents were Rhea and Kronos (Saturn, time), the children of Uranus and Gaia (Earth). Kronos intended to eat Zeus, in order to preserve his kingdom. This had been the fate of all his brothers and sister. Rhea tried to save Zeus. So she put a diaper on a stone to fool Kronos, and he swallowed it, believing it was his son. The Saturn, his father Jupiter, ate all the children as soon as they were given birth, because his parents to him had said that is destiny one day somebody from his children to him to take the power (kingdoms). The Rhe'a, mother of Jupiter, when she was to give birth Jupiter, begged her parents, the Ground (= the earth) and Sky, organize some drawing with which she could slip somewhere far, when she would give birth Jupiter, in order rescues him from the Saturn the teeth. These they obeyed also him they sent Jupiter his medium darkness of rapid night in the city Ly'kto of Crete and from there in term Dicti, where she gave birth Jupiter. Of course as soon as the Rhe'a gave birth Jupiter, she touched with her hand and hid him in abrupt and hidden from the vegetation cavern. However some moment learned the Saturn details (results) and he came in the Dicti and asked to see the child. The Rhe'a knowing his intentions Saturn bided (dressed) a rock and gave in the Saturn, which immediately eaten (devoured), believing that it is the Jupiter and which later vomited (rejected) in the Parnassus. When grew the Jupiter, he murdered with the enormous force of his hands his father and became the same father of gods and persons, immortals and mortals, in Olympus.

According to the other ancient writers, newer Hesio'dos: ¢ratos, Dio'doros Sikelio'ti, Virgilius etc when the Re'a gave birth Jupiter in the mountain Dicti in Crete, delivered him conceitedly in there Diktaean Kuri'tes, in one hand order to him they hide, because his father ate his children, and in other hand they attend his upbringing. They him hid in a cavern of Dicti, called "Diktaeon ¢ntro" . The Nymphs Adrasti and Ida raised Zeus, feeding him wild honey, milk (from the goat Amalthia), ambrosia, nectar and royal pulp. When Zeus cried, the Kourites covered his cries by hitting their swords against their shields.

When the Jupiter grew and became god and in particular head of gods of Olympus of (Olympic Pantheon) immediately visited his mother country Dicti and she built there a city (it is not reported who), sample of his love for this. Since then in deed he did not omit visits the Dicti each year.

In the Diktaian Cave the divine infant was suckled by the goat-nymph Amaltheia, who was a daughter of Oceanus. Also the nymphs and her father was King Melissaios (= the father of bees). Out of gratitude Zeus later set an image of her among the stars, the image that became known as Capricorn. He also took one of her horns the famous Horn of Plenty.

According to myths, Zeus was reared in the Diktaian Cave by bees or doves, and even by a sow. According to Athenaios it was owing to this belief of the Cretans that they never ate pork. Here, too, there must have been some totemic connection between the tribe and pigs. The god's upbringing was closely connected with the nine Kouretes, the sons of Gaia, the Earth-goddess. The Kouretes were the first to tame animals, invent the bow and teach men to live in peace together. They were worshipped all over Greece, but especially in Crete, and chiefly by the populace.


One tradition also holds that it was here (at Lassithi, Dictaean cave), and too at Gortyn, that Zeus coupled with the lovely princess, Europa. Son of Jupiter and Europe was Minos or Minoas. Minos, a famous see man (Captain) and lawgiver, went down the Diktaean cave to receive the laws of Zeus.

Milatos, Crete , Greece

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